Sweet Viking™ was started in 2016 by owner and founder Kristbjorg Johnson, with dreams of going coast to coast with her exceptional Jalapeño and Pepper Blend Relishes, that might literally change your life.

(Life changing snacks are a thing, you know.)

Sweet Viking™ is the condiment you never knew you needed: excellent as a simple snack with a cracker and cream cheese, or as an addition to countless dishes and recipes. 

Using all natural ingredients and no chemical preservatives, it’s ok to get addicted to Sweet Viking products. You’ll be part of a community of other people with great taste, also we have the best snacks (obviously). 

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A portion of all of our sales goes to Rescues Rescuing Veterans

Located in Berthoud, CO. RRV is a 501(c)(3) tax deductible organization. 


Check out our collection of unique and delicious recipes created by our Founder, Kristbjorg Johnson.  Using Sweet Viking relishes of course ; )

Mac N’ Cheese

Mac N’ Cheese

Don’t get me wrong--there are times I absolute LOVE to make ridiculous dishes from scratch. When I have the time, that is. More often than not I do *not* have an extra 4 hours to spend clowning around in the kitchen making everything I can from scratch. Sometimes I...

I’ll Be Spaghetting Seconds

I’ll Be Spaghetting Seconds

  Listen, you and I both know the pun was bad, but its a singular joy of mine in life to subject innocent, unsuspecting victims to my tiresome ways. A girl must have a little fun on Friday night, otherwise all work and no play makes Sweet Viking a dull,...

Eggys and Cheese: Reloaded

Eggys and Cheese: Reloaded

Ok, so maybe you're sitting there thinking, "what in God's name is an "eggys and cheese," and to that I say, get ready to have your socks blown off. And if you don't like eggs, maybe this is the recipe that will change your mind.   A staple dish of my childhood which...




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It was incredibly important that Sweet Viking put down roots in our community and one way we do so is by donating what we can to a great organization located just outside of Denver.  

A portion of all of our sales goes to Rescues Rescuing Veterans, a wonderful non-profit in Berthoud, Colorado which pairs rescue animals with veterans for emotional support. Sweet Viking is grateful to have the opportunity to work with such a worthwhile organization. 

For more information about Rescues Rescuing Veterans, please visit https://www.dogranchco.com/rrvprogram


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