This has become my new go-to for dips and spreads. It’s three ingredients and so easy it should be illegal (so let’s keep this between us just in case). This is so great with some tortilla chips as a chip dip, but if you can manage to not eat the entire thing in one sitting, this would make a great spread on a wrap or sandwich. 

One of these days I’ll find out for sure, I haven’t made it past the “licking the bowl because we ran out of chips” phase yet. I’ll be sure to update when/if that ever happens. 


  • 1 can of black beans

  • ¼ cup to ⅓ cup of Sour Cream (or Tofutti*)

  • 2-4 tablespoons of Sweet Viking

  • Salt and Pepper to taste

Dump the ingredients into a small food processor and blend until smooth–I start out with ¼ cup of sour cream and add more until you get your desired consistency. Same with the Sweet Viking–2 tablespoons if you want it a little milder, 4 tablespoons if you want to get a bit sassy. 

For a vegan version, might I suggest substituting Tofutti sour cream for regular sour cream. I happen to not be vegan, but LOVE tofutti products because dairy can be an issue for a lot of people. Not only does it taste amazing, but it has a really great consistency so I actually prefer the texture and taste to real sour cream. 


Sweet Viking, Bean Dip
Sweet Viking, Bean Dip
Sweet Viking, Bean Dip